Link popularity is the actually the total number of web sites that linked to your site. There are two types of Links: One is Incoming links and other is Reciprocal links. Good link popularity can obviously increase traffic to your web site. An incoming link from a good PR site and with a good anchor text can drive traffic to your web site and also it increases the PR of your site as well. The Link Popularity is equal to votes for you web site. How many links you have from other web sites are the votes you get for your web site? If you have more quality, relevant incoming links to your page, the chances are more that the major search engines will rank your page.

Link exchange can increase the number of quality links to your web site and most of the major search engines has considered Link Popularity as one of the important factor into their relevancy algorithms. So increasing the number of quality, relevant sites which link to your site can actually improve your search engine rankings.

Link exchange is an easy way to get link popularity but you should study those who link to your site. Increasing the number of quality links is an important part of any web site promotion process. Link Popularity is considered in getting listed in DMOZ / Google Directory and also in getting better position in the Search Engine ranking when you perform a search for a keyword
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